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Rediscovering my kitchen

Posted on: September 18, 2007


My name is Heather and I am a hot glass artist, silver clay artist, and jewelry designer. I sell my work on my site Square One Beads. I have a husband and a dog but no children. I also have a confession to make. After four years in this house I just realized that I love my kitchen.

I always knew I had a kitchen, after all, thats where I kept a big white box the kept my wine and soda cold. I just never really cared much about the kitchen except for Thanksgivings when I was on stage to make dinner for my family.

Then I read a book by Barbara Kingsolver called “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”. It’s the story of Barbara’s family and their experiment to eat locally grown food for a year. This book inspired me to work harder at taking care of what I put into my body. My first step in that direction was to start going to farmer’s markets and buying locally grown organic fruits, vegetables, and meat.

The next step occurred when I got home from my first trip to the market and looked at my purchases and thought – “Where am I going to put everything?” So my husband and I bought a chest freezer and I chopped and bagged and froze everything hubby and I couldn’t eat before it went bad. Then my poor new chest freezer looked so empty that I needed to go back to the farmers market for more food.

Multiple trips to various farmers markets later and many hours of chopping, processing, and freezing later I came to realize that I was actually enjoying myself. It was hard work, my hands were stained orange and green, my skin and house reaked of onions and garlic, but I was having fun.

Therapy comes in many forms. Some people drink, some see shrinks, I take very big knives to piles of vegetables and pretend that the head of cauliflower on my cutting board is whomever has annoyed me that day. And when you can feel your troubles drain away while at the same time making something healthy to feed your family, how can you not have fun?

This is why I realized I love my kitchen after all of these years.

If you managed to stay awake thru all of this please come back frequently so you can see what is up with me, my kitchen, and maybe I’ll throw in some other rooms of my house. 🙂



1 Response to "Rediscovering my kitchen"

Hi Heather! Welcome to the blogodphere! I love Barbara Kingsolver’s books but had not heard of that one. You may be interested in my new blog on natural living – http://gonatural.wordpress.com.

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