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Adventures in Cheese Making – Part 1 Mozzerella

Posted on: September 22, 2007

Ok, so in my last entry I mentioned reading the book “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.” by Barbara Kingsolver. One thing mentioned in the book is cheese making. As I have recently fallen in love with my kitchen again I decided I wanted to try this so I bought the kits Barbara mentioned from the Cheese Queen.  I got the Mozzerella and Hard Cheese kits.

Barbara mentions that the Mozzerella is the easiest to make so that is the one I tried first.  It was very interesting.

I added the milk and citric acid and heated the milk.  I then added the rennet and waited for the curd to form.  All that seems easy right?  Not quite.  At some point I made an oops, I don’t know if my accidentally heating the milk a bit to high or if it was my having to guess at the amount of rennet I was adding (the tablet pulverised when I was trying to break it), but either way the curd didn’t form properly.  After the setting time had passed I was left with a mess that looked like cottage cheese and whey instead of a nice solid mass of curd.

At this point I was hoping that I hadn’t totally ruined it and got out the butter cloth that came with the kit to try to drain the curd as best I could.  I scooped up the runny curds and poured them into the cloth, bunched up the cloth and started squeezing.  A few times I lost part of the folded cloth and had curds and whey gush out the top.  Eventually though, I wrestled the cheese into submission.  After I squeezed out as much whey as I could I was left with a sticky mess.  I scrapped as much of it off the cloth as I could and into a glass bowl.  I followed the directions for microwaving and salting the cheese, kneeding and stretching after each round in the microwave.

My mess soon began to resemble cheese and after a few more kneedings I was able to form and braid it into a mozzerella.

Heather's Mozzerella

Not to bad for a first try eh?  It tastes like mozzerella but needed more salt, I took it easy on the salt not knowing how the rennet and acid would effect the taste.  Next time I will know how much salt to add to the cheese 🙂

I am trying the cheddar tonight and will be sure to let everyone know how it all works out.


4 Responses to "Adventures in Cheese Making – Part 1 Mozzerella"

hey, great job, did you eat it yet? how did it taste?

Heather: We did eat it, it needs more salt but it was tasty anyway 🙂

That looks great Heather! Some nice fresh tomatoes and basil and I see a killer caprese salad!

did you know how cheese was invented? It wasnt necessity, it was an accident,

did you know how cheese was invented? It wasnt necessity, it was an accident, read this

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