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It’s not easy being cheesy – Adventures in Cheesemaking Part 3

Posted on: October 17, 2007

Hello all!  I’ve made more mozzarella and this time I took pictures.

It went better this time but still wasn’t perfect.

I started out by adding the milk and citric acid and heating to 88 degrees.  Instead of using milk though I tried the suggested method of using powdered milk and heavy cream.  I had a lot of problem getting the powdered milk to dissolve and I won’t be trying this method again.  Here is the milk and citric acid in the pot.  I use a large spoon with holes in it to mix my milk.  I also use this utensil to scoop out the curds so I prefer to only dirty one piece.

Cheese step 1

After the milk hit 88 degrees I added the rennet.

Cheese step 2

Then I let it set for 15 minutes.  At this stage it should have been one solid mass of curd.  Instead I ended up with a pot of what looked like ricotta cheese and whey.

Cheese step 3

Using my spoon with holes in it I scooped out as much whey as I could.

Cheese step 4

The next step was to microwave the curd and knead them into a chunk of cheese.  I microwaved and kneaded many times until the cheese was shiny and stretchy.   The salt is added during this kneaded and stretching stage.

Cheese step 5

Once the cheese was shiny and stretchy I formed it into a ball and dunked it in ice water to firm up.

Cheese step 6

At this point the cheese was done.  I stuck it in my fridge for a few days until today.  When I shredded it up and used it to make a homemade pizza.

Cheese step 7

It was delicious!

I am still not happy with my mozzarella process though.  One of these days I will get a firm mass of curds like the directions say I’m supposed to.

If anyone reading this is inspired to make cheese I would love to hear how your results turned out.


5 Responses to "It’s not easy being cheesy – Adventures in Cheesemaking Part 3"

That is very cool Heather…the pizza looks yummy!

Send me some of that mozzarella….I’m making pizza this weekend in my wood fired oven!

Sounds great Heather, unfortunately the photos arent showing for me 😦 . Just out of curisosity, how would the cheese be made without a microwave? Does it speed that part of the process up a lot?

I don’t know Suz, the directions say to use the microwave so I’m not sure what you would do without one.

not insipired to make cheese, but very impressed…and hey, I’ll come try that pizza anytime. But will just keep buying my cheese at Coscto.

oo, I have images now, Yay.

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