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Goals and Objectives – Flaming Hot

Posted on: December 17, 2007

Today’s Flaming Hot topic is our goals and objectives, how do we track the progress of our business and how do we go about growing/expanding the business.

I consider myself an informed plodder.  I work at maintaining my site and keeping up with my auctions and that is the majority of where I spend my time.  However, I also make sure to take some time to expand my horizons.  I spend 10-15% of my time researching new ways to promote my business such as advertising and getting my work into galleries.  So far I have lots of ideas of what I want to do when I have the money for professional photographs so now its mostly just a matter of earning the money by selling my work.

My main way of tracking how my business is doing this year as opposed to last is my shipping file.  Each year’s shipping gets its own file folder and as long as the current years folder is thicker than the previous years folder I am happy.  The second way I look at how my business is doing is even less formal than the first way.  I will take a look at what sort of shows I’ve done, and what new equipment I’ve bought for the business.  If my business has paid for most of the shows and the equipment then I see that as a good sign.  This year my business paid for me to advertise on JustBeads and a Top 100 site, take a fusing class, buy a ring saw, and paid for several of my show entry fees including my most expensive entry fee to date for a show in April 2008.  So by using these two methods I have decided that my business is doing better this year than last.  Its not enough to provide me with an income yet but maybe in a few years it will be.  Right now, I am keeping my fingers crossed and I hope you’ll keep yours crossed for me too.


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