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My original plans to get paint and paint the basement on Wednesday were cancelled by the nearly 20″ of snow we got.  So I got my paint today and got it up on the walls.  IT’S ORANGE!!!!  Tuesday I had picked up a bunch of paint chips and brought them home to show my husband.  The orange chip I picked was mostly a joke.  I really like the color but I honestly thought my hubby would look at that chip and give me a “OMG WTF” look.  When I handed him the chips he looked thru them and put them in the order that he liked with the orange chip on top.  Needless to say, after he told me he was serious about liking the orange the best I was stunned.

I did get over my shock and this morning I headed to Home Depot to get the paint.  We had decided not to do complete coverage at first but to use a short napped roller and let the white of the drywall show thru wherever the roller didn’t reach.  After getting the paint on the wall I am really glad we decided to let the white show thru in the shallow spots.  The orange is really pretty but it is also REALLY bright and might be sort of scary if we went with complete coverage.

So, without further adue, here is the section of basement I have painted – the color is called Apricot Flower but I really think it looks more like an orange dreamsicle.

Isn’t it pretty?  Now to go thru what had been in that section, toss what we don’t want and organize the things we do want.


As many of you know I was fired at the end of October.  I haven’t had any luck looking for an administrative or office position so I am contemplating a total change in career path.    Last Wednesday just for giggles I looked into going to cosmetology or dog grooming school.

There is a dog grooming school about half an hour away from me but they never responded to my requests for information so they are out.  Then I looked at a mobile dog grooming place that would train me but he’s not looking to hire for a month, doesn’t like the fact that I am so far away (I told him the drive didn’t bother me, I’d been making a longer drive for 4yrs), and would rather hire someone with experience (which I completely understand).  He did say he may call me in a month if he doesn’t find anyone before then.  Needless to say I am not holding onto any hope for that one.  LOL  I also tried the Petco website to apply for a position at their Delafield store where they also train.  They only have a computer application system and halfway thru the application it stopped working on me.  I called the number for tech support they have on their site but the tech people told me to contact the store via the contact us link.  I did that and they told me to call the tech number so obviously they didn’t bother to read the section of my email where I said the tech people told me to contact them.  Ah well, I guess I really don’t want to work for a company where their customer relations people can’t be bothered to read inquiries.

Then we get to the ‘people grooming’ schools. 🙂  I emailed the Martin College of Cosmetology in Madison and about 10min later got a call.  I ended up going to see them last Friday and I really think I am interested.  Then Saturday I received an email from the Vici Aveda Institute in Milwaukee that I had emailed.  I tried to call to set up an appointment to tour and so far the woman there and I have been playing phone tag.

I am most interested in the esthetician (skin care, waxing, facials, etc) program but am thinking about taking the nail technician program as well just because that would make me more valuable on the job market.  Money is a concern because the skin care program is about $7000 and since I am out of a job that is a hard sum to come up with.  The program is also full time days for 5 months so it would be hard to work part time to afford it too.  Especially if I added the part time nail program at nights.  Doing both programs would also make it very hard for me to work on my beads and Jewelry.

Needless to say, this is a hard decision to make.  My husband told me that if this is what I wanted then he would find the money which is very sweet of him but I would rather not put the burden all on him.  I guess this means I should get my fanny to work on my torch so I can make some things to sell 🙂

Anyway, I’m just rambling here to try to put my thoughts into print so I can try to figure out if this is what I really want.  Not only is it a lot of money but its a huge time commitment if I find out I don’t like it.  On the other hand I really like dealing with people and have an artistic flare so I could be very good at this.

I don’t really expect anyone to have any answers for me but if you want to give me an opinion I’d be happy to listen.  Also, if you feel like buying some jewelry to help me pay my way I would be more than happy to sell some to you, just go here. 🙂  hehehe  Thought I would throw that in there, after all if I’m not going to pimp my stuff who will?

I continued my basement cleanup this weekend by starting work on the section of our basement by the water meter.  To remind you of what it looked like before, here are the pictures.

My husband and I started my moving EVERYTHING.  Then I swept while he vacuumed up what I was sweeping.   Then while he mixed up the drylock I wiped the dust off of the walls.  I had hoped that I would be able to get everything moved, cleaned, and drylocked on Saturday but I severly underestimated how long moving and cleaning would take.  I ended up only getting the wall in the second picture drylocked.  Sunday I managed to get the rest of the area drylocked.

Here are the pictures of the drylocked walls. The piece of plumbing in my picture is the water meter.

The whole area looks so much brighter and cleaner now.  For those of you who haven’t had the misfortune to use drylock let me tell you a bit about it.  Drylock is a masonry water proofer.  It is about the consistency of plaster of paris mixed with sand and has the delightful aroma of latex paint mixed with rubber cement.  It is very heavy and has to be worked into all of the nooks and crannies in the wall.  To make things more difficult, my walls are not the typical flat, mostly smooth poured concrete.  My builder decided to be fancy so poured our concrete walls into molds that made it look like the wall was made out of brick which added lots of low spots to work the drylock into.

My next step is to choose a paint color and paint this section.  My husband and I decided that instead of full coverage on the walls I am going to use a short napped roller so that only the high spots get color on them and some of the white shows thru.  If we don’t like it I can always ad another coat for full coverage.  However, doing everything I did yesterday was to much and my right hand is very sore and swollen and I can’t straighten it out fully so today I am taking the day off.  Tomorrow while running errands I will get some paint chips so that Wednesday I can get the paint and work on that.  I am hoping that by this next weekend I can go thru everything that goes in the area and finish this section of my basement.

Wish me Luck!