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Everytime I do shows I get asked lots of questions about how I make the beads I sell.  I decided to make a video and play it at shows so people can see exactly how much work goes into my beads.  I uploaded a little bit of it to youtube and thought I would share it with all of you.  If you would like to see me working go here.  I hope you enjoy it 🙂


Back in April I started an Esthiology program at Vici Aveda in Milwaukee.  It’s been quite a trip.  I have really enjoyed the program but my original “Oh, I’ll learn to do facials, it’ll be easy!” idea was far from the truth.  This is a very tough program.  The first 7 weeks is spent learning theory and how to give facials.  The next 10 weeks are spent in the clinic floor doing what you learned in the classroom.  I love it, but it is tough.  This program has been so tough in fact that between homework and general fatigue I haven’t had time or energy to make beads, cook, or even post blogs.

Fortunately, I am almost done with the program.  If all goes well I am scheduled to be done August 1st.  That however may change.  I have to have spent 600 hours in school AND done 277 hours worth of services in order to graduate.  As of Aug 1 I will have the 600 hours so I have to make sure I have my service hours in so I can graduate.  

If anyone in the Milwaukee area would be willing to help me out by getting a facial, brow waxing, or any other service I would be most appreciative.  The number for school is 414.425.1700 and the address is 4111 South 108th St.  You can find a menu of the services we offer here.  I am VERY good.  Ask for Lynn, they only want one person at any time to have a name so since there was already another Heather on the floor I use my middle name at school.

Ok, I’m done begging now,   Back to more about school.  We learned how to do 4 different types of facial and multiple variations of each of them.  We learned head to toe body waxing (brazilian day was very interesting).  We learned multiple body treatments, and of course we learned about makeup application.  We did this all on each other so we got to know our fellow students VERY well (see comment about brazilians above).  LOL  We also did a lot of bookwork.  We learned a lot of anatomy and physiology, learned a lot about the specific products in the Aveda line, and we learned a lot about many different ingredients commonly found in skin care and beauty products.  Like I said, it was a very intense course.

After all of that work we were let loose on the unsuspecting public.  LOL  I felt pretty confident about my abilities when I started on the floor.  Except for eyebrow waxing that is.  Most everything I do if my client doesn’t like it can be washed off.  Even most waxing I do is a matter of taking all the hair off.  Eyebrows however matter what hair you take off and what you leave so those made me nervous.  If I am a millimeter off on one side or the other on a bikini its not going to matter, on eyebrows however it is very noticeable.  Fortunately I am more able than I initially gave myself credit for.  I only had one client be unhappy with her brows, she thought I took to much off one side until I pointed out that the hair was there, it was just gray.  Then she was no longer unhappy with me and just unhappy with her gray hair instead.  At this point, I have now done over 60 sets of eyebrows and am no longer nervous about them.

I have had a number of people ask how I can stand to work on the crotches of total strangers when I do brazilian and bikini waxes.  Honestly, I never even really see the anatomy I focus instead on the hair and its growth pattern.  The rest of the parts are just parts that are there that I have to work around, its no big deal at all.  Sorry if that disappoints anyone but there really is nothing lascivious about brazilian waxing.  It is hot, sweaty, and tiring for the waxer and painful for the waxee.  There is just no getting around it, when you are ripping hair out of an area with so many nerve endings as that it is going to hurt like hell.

As for the rest of the program, it is hard work but fun.  I really enjoy meeting new people and on the rare occasion where I have a person who is just totally unpleasant, I can console myself with the fact that I only have to put up with them for about an hour so I pull up my big girl panties and deal with it.  Soon I will be done with school and ready to work in the real world.  I can’t wait!