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I just put a new coupon on my website and thought now would be a good time to do a little pimping.  For anyone who doesn’t know, I am a hot glass artist and jewelry designer and I sell items on my site at http://www.squareonebeads.com.  I also sell on Ebay, JustBeads, and Etsy.  My work on Ebay and JustBeads can be found on my site via the auction links but the Etsy store is not up there yet.  If you are interested in my Etsy store please click here.

If you would like to make a purchase thru my site use the coupon code FreeShip and get free shipping from now to January 15th.

Thank you, we now return to your regularily scheduled blog.  🙂


This weeks Flaming Hot topic was when do you list your auctions and why?

I used to have a full time job where I worked from 8-4.  This got me into the habit of coming home from work, turning on the kiln and oxycon, and while they were warming up I would clean out the beads I’d made my last torching session.  Then after I torched for a while and ate dinner I would photograph the beads I’d cleaned earlier and sit down at the computer to edit the pictures and list auctions. So my typical listing time was between 730 and 9pm.   There was so science behind that time, it was just what worked for me.

Now that I no longer have a full time job I find that I still have plenty to do during the day to keep me occupied.  I’ve been spending longer periods of time at the torch or making jewelry, I’m expanding my sales and advertising, and I’ve also been spending time getting all of those little projects done around the house that have been building up.  So by the time I am done with all my running around I still end up listing about 730-9pm.  No science, it still just works for me and my life.  🙂