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I have one of the sweetest hubbies in the world. For Valentine’s Day he didn’t get me flowers or candy. Instead he got me something that will last much longer and I will enjoy much more. A new set of pots and pans, All-Clad pots and pans to be exact.

I am not being sarcastic. I like to cook and I like to cook using good quality tools. My mixer and blender are Kitchenaid, my knives are Wustof-Trident, but my pots and pans until today were crap.

I ordered the All-Clad 9 piece set from Cooking.com. The delivery information I got said they would be here the 23rd but they arrived today. Unfortunately, today I worked until after 7 so ended up going thru a drive thru rather than making dinner in my new pans. Otherwise I wouldn’t have eaten until 9pm and that is just to late for me to be eating dinner.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my excitement with all of you and show off my new pans. Aren’t they pretty? I can’t wait to use them. You’ll be getting a lot more cooking entries from me now that I’m not embarrassed to let people see what I cook with. 🙂


I’ll be sure to let you all know what I think of them after I use them.


My friend Kaye Husko tagged me today.  This tag works by my posting 7 facts about myself and then tagging 7 more crafty friends.  So here we go – 

1) I bowl in a Guys and Gals winter league.  We bowl every other week so it goes from September to April.

2) I started a new job as an esthetician last week and really like it.  I work at Oasis Salon and Spa in Watertown, WI, doing facials, body waxing, and makeup.  I took my state board exams on the 7th and haven’t gotten the results back yet.  I am going nuts to find out for sure if I passed, I’m sure I did but until I get confirmation I am going to continue to go nuts about it 🙂

3) I am a huge fan of Dr. Who and Torchwood.  I also really like Top Gear.  All three of these shows are on BBC America and sometimes it seems like we watch more British television than American television.

4) I am addicted to trying new artistic media.  I am teaching myself oil painting and am starting to use borosilicate glass in my lampworking.  Every time I go to the craft store something else reaches out to me and whispers “Try me, try me, you know you want me.”  And I am weak, I give in to that voice quite frequently.

5) When I try a new artistic media I am not happy with it until I find a way to combine it with at least one other media I am already working with.  Right now I’m combining my oil painting with polymer clay and glasswork.

6) My puppy Spike has decided that the trash is just a new toy box for him and it is driving me crazy.  I have no idea how to get him to stop, this is not something my other dog Summer ever did so I am at a loss on how to deal with it.  If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.

7) I spend way to much time on the computer. I like to chat with friends and play games, in addition to the computer work I do for my jewelry business and for my job.  Sometimes I feel like the keyboard is attached to my fingers.

So, that is 7 things about me.  Some you might know, some might be new to you.  I am tagging the following friends –