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This week’s jewelry special is a beautiful teal heart necklace.  A little over 19″ long with a silver toggle clasp this necklace features a lampwork heart focal made by me with a complementary necklace of blue and green seed beads.  This necklace is priced at $35 but for this week you can get it for $25.  Priority shipping is available for $4.95, first class shipping is free.  If interested in this piece, email me at heather@squareonebeads.com.  Thank you.  

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.


Just in time for Valentine’s Day I offer you this Crystal Heart Pendant.  Strung on a black satin cord with sterling clasp this is a pendant made of Swarovski Crystals.  The pendant is about an inch tall and a bit over an inch wide.  Normally this pendant would sell for $40 but for this week I am offering it to you for $30 with free first class shipping.  If you are interested email me at heather@squareonebeads.com.  Thank you.


Here is the special for this week.  Its another caterpillar bracelet since I received so many nice emails regarding the first one.  This one is a simpler one and would typically sell for $45.  This week it can be yours for $30 plus shipping.  It is 8.5″ long and will fit a 7.5-8″ wrist comfortably.  It also features a button handmade by me.


If you are interested in this piece email me at heather@squareonebeads.com.  Act fast because there is only one and next Sunday the deal will be over.  


If you are more interested in beads than in finished jewelry come back tomorrow when I will list a bead special for the week.


I’ve decided to start something new on my blog. Every week or so I will post a new piece of jewelry here at a special price. The price will be valid until either the item sells or I post the next item so if you see something you like act fast. It may not be available for long.

Here is the first piece. This is a caterpillar bracelet made using the technique in my tutorial I blogged about earlier.

This bracelet will fit a 7″ or smaller wrist. The button was hand made out of polymer clay and set with one of the flowers from the bracelet. This is a substantial piece that will get you lots of complements.

The blog special price is $50. I normally sell the ornate caterpillar bracelets like this for $75 so if you like it act fast. 🙂

Email me at heather@squareonebeads.com if you would like to purchase this bracelet or if you have any questions about this piece.


For all of you who have asked I have finally completed my Caterpillar Fringe Bracelet tutorial. You can find it on my site here for $15.  And for those of you who don’t know what a Caterpillar Fringe Bracelet is, it is this –


It is very fun and soft to wear and not nearly as complicated to make as it appears.  I hope all of you who chose to buy the tutorial enjoy creating your bracelet as well as wearing it.

I just put a new coupon on my website and thought now would be a good time to do a little pimping.  For anyone who doesn’t know, I am a hot glass artist and jewelry designer and I sell items on my site at http://www.squareonebeads.com.  I also sell on Ebay, JustBeads, and Etsy.  My work on Ebay and JustBeads can be found on my site via the auction links but the Etsy store is not up there yet.  If you are interested in my Etsy store please click here.

If you would like to make a purchase thru my site use the coupon code FreeShip and get free shipping from now to January 15th.

Thank you, we now return to your regularily scheduled blog.  🙂

Today’s Flaming Hot topic is our goals and objectives, how do we track the progress of our business and how do we go about growing/expanding the business.

I consider myself an informed plodder.  I work at maintaining my site and keeping up with my auctions and that is the majority of where I spend my time.  However, I also make sure to take some time to expand my horizons.  I spend 10-15% of my time researching new ways to promote my business such as advertising and getting my work into galleries.  So far I have lots of ideas of what I want to do when I have the money for professional photographs so now its mostly just a matter of earning the money by selling my work.

My main way of tracking how my business is doing this year as opposed to last is my shipping file.  Each year’s shipping gets its own file folder and as long as the current years folder is thicker than the previous years folder I am happy.  The second way I look at how my business is doing is even less formal than the first way.  I will take a look at what sort of shows I’ve done, and what new equipment I’ve bought for the business.  If my business has paid for most of the shows and the equipment then I see that as a good sign.  This year my business paid for me to advertise on JustBeads and a Top 100 site, take a fusing class, buy a ring saw, and paid for several of my show entry fees including my most expensive entry fee to date for a show in April 2008.  So by using these two methods I have decided that my business is doing better this year than last.  Its not enough to provide me with an income yet but maybe in a few years it will be.  Right now, I am keeping my fingers crossed and I hope you’ll keep yours crossed for me too.