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I didn’t make my end of February deadline but I did finally finish my project.  🙂

Here is the last section. Here  is the first wall, drylocked and painted, and the second wall drylocked.  I thought the second wall one was funny because you can see everything pulled away from the wall, it looks like my basement  exploded 🙂

Next, the area completed with everything moved back into place.  If you notice from the original post I have rearranged my torch area, including moving the vent to take out the 90 degree bend.

The bookshelf in the above picture is right next to the table in the picture next to it.  The fish tank contains a female El Rosario rosy boa.

As well as painting the walls I painted the glass rack.  I painted it using four different shades of blue, then drybrushed metallic silver over it and glued on rhinestones for sparkle.

I think it turned out cute.  It certainly looks much better than the plain particle board and plywood that it was before.

Needless to say, I am tired.  🙂


Well, I’ve been sadly neglecting my blog due to the basement taking over my life 🙂 It sort of feels like this past month when I wasn’t in the basement making beads I was in the basement working on the remodel. So I have a lot to catch you up on. The first two areas are completely done. Here are the finished pictures of the first section I had shown you.

What a difference a little color makes 🙂

Next, I worked on my box room. Here it is with the drylock, then the paint.

And now, here it is all done and reloaded.

Another dramatic difference 🙂 This was all done two weeks ago. Then I paused because I have a big bead show in April and I wanted to take some time to get things made for it.

This past week up to today I managed to get my glass rack painted and decorated, the last two walls drylocked and painted, and the ventilation for my torch moved. I finished the last of the painting an hour ago so this afternoon I will move the furntiture back to where it belongs and start organizing. In a day or two you will see my finished project. I can’t wait to see it myself. 🙂

About a week and a half ago I went to visit a friend in Michigan to help her work on her studio.  We had a blast and got tons more done that we had thought we would.  She had the room drywalled and primed so we painted our fannies off, cleaned, and reorganized a ton.  This gave me the bug to spruce up the basement where I work.

Here are pictures of what my basement looked like before.  The first three pictures are of my box room where we store stuff we aren’t using at the time.

These next images are of the rest of the basement. (Ignore the propane tank, that’s only there when I work, and had taken the pics just before sitting down at the torch.)

Ok, so now you can see what I have to work with. UGH!  A huge task.

Well my husband and I hustled our butts this weekend and made what I thought was good progress.  Thursday I took the huge pile of crap (in front of the paint cans) to St. Vincent.  Then on Saturday Brian and I went thru the box room.  We ended up breaking down a reptile rack I had and between that and other stuff we went thru ended up with 7 boxes and 3 bags of trash, plus we filled our normal trash can.  We ended up breaking down enough cardboard boxes to fill 9 bags for recycling.  We also ended up starting another box of stuff to be donated.

After getting all the junk out of the box room we ended up being able to move our patio furniture and christmas decorations into the room because we made so much room.   Here are the after pictures.

Huge difference eh?

Now that we got that section done it will be much easier to work on other areas of the basement because the Christmas stuff and patio furniture are no longer in the way.  After I go thru everything and toss/donate what we no longer want or need I am going to drylock the basement and use some of that vast collection of paint to cheer up the dark gray concrete walls.

Be sure to check back for future progress reports. 🙂